Pre-University Department

Dear applicants!

Kaliningrad State Technical University is proud to provide a preparatory course at our Pre-University Department for foreign citizens. If you are planning to receive a higher technical or maritime education in Russia, but do not speak Russian, we suggest you to take our preparatory course. The aim of the course is to help international students achieve B1 level of language proficiency.

Pre-University Department provides students with training in the theoretical disciplines necessary for their studies at the KSTU multi-level educational complex (including Baltic State Academy of Fishing Fleet and Kaliningrad Marine college) and other educational technical institutions of Russia.

The educational activity at the Pre-University Department is conducted by lecturers of the Russian language department and other faculties. Training is carried out in accordance with the curriculum and training programes developed on the basis of Federal State Requirements for the Development of Additional General Education Programs for the Training of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons to Study Professional Programs in Russian.

NB: KSTU offers only two study profiles: Engineering and Technology and Economics. In the first semester students receive 30 in-person class hours of Russian per week. In the second semester students begin attending Mathematics, Physics, Informatics (for Engineering and Technology) and Social science, History, Mathematics (for Economics) and while still attending Russian language classes.

Our preparatory program focuses on the following areas:

  • Academic Reading and Writing
  • Academic Listening and Speaking
  • Russian Grammar and Academic Vocabulary
  • Russian Culture and History

Program Details

The program lasts 10 months (September, 1 – June, 30).

The deadline for the preparatory course is July 31.

Course is conducted in Russian.

The tuition fee is 137 000 RUB.

Students of Pre-University Department for foreign citizens are provided with rooms at the University hostel. They have the right to use classrooms and training facilities, libraries and reading rooms, teaching aids and materials and also sport and cultural facilities of KSTU along with Russian students.

International Relations Department and Pre-University Department for foreign citizens help students in getting visas, support them in solving problems and organize students’ life and their leisure time. Students also have access to a personal tutor.

On passing the examination, our students are awarded a certificate of completion of the preparatory course which enables foreign citizens to apply to the KSTU multi-level educational complex and other educational technical institutions of Russia.

To become a student of our Pre-university Department, it is necessary for students to submit the appropriate documents and send them to

  • completed application form for the admission
  • passport (must be valid for at least 2 years since the supposed date of your arrival) – scanned copy
  • certificate of complete secondary education at the school of the second level (college, Institute, University) including the list of subjects studied, marks on these subjects (education certificates must have the seal of legalization from the Russian Federation Consulate. Legalization of education certificates is necessary for the following nostrification procedure - acceptance of foreign university degrees as equal with native) - scanned copy

Upon receipt of the application, we normally reply with an offer of admission and further information concerning your next steps.

More information may be requested:

Head of International Students and Protocol Office
Elena Bayrachnaya
+74012 995330