Why you should choose KSTU

  • Kaliningrad State Technical University today is a big multi-level educational complex; it is the largest and oldest higher education institution of fish industry in Russia. Apart from the University, it includes Baltic State Academy of Fishing Fleet, Kaliningrad Marine College and St. Petersburg Sea Fishing College.
  • Being the Russian’s oldest educational institution in fish industry, Kaliningrad State Technical University maintains traditions of high quality specialist training. At the same time, however, the University responds to the complex and evolving needs of the global labor market. KSTU educates dynamic leaders for the global maritime and fish industry.
  • The Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy, the separate structural unit of KSTU, is recognized as one of the leading maritime educational institutions in Russia. BFFSA conducts training of maritime specialists for work at fishing and shipping transport companies, vessels of various types, research and development centers. The future navigators, electrical and marine engineers are provided with onshore and offshore practices on board the sailing training vessels "Krusenstern" and “Sedov”. Maritime training centre, a part of the Academy, provides practical training for crewmember of vessels and cadets of maritime educational institutions.
  • The best way to learn Russian is to study at Kaliningrad State Technical University. Since 1962, KSTU Pre-university department has been teaching Russian as a foreign language to the students from all around the world. Our highly qualified teachers provide students with training in the theoretical disciplines and humanities necessary for their studies at the KSTU and other higher educational institutions of Russia. Our students have a great opportunity to develop their Russian language skills not only in class: thanks to the language surrounding their lessons last all day long. In addition, the Pre-university Department offers preparation for testing in Russian in the frame of the Russian State Certification System.
  • KSTU unites people of different cultures. Students from all around the world come and sit under one roof, which help them in acquiring a better personality. KSTU is a place where international friendship starts.
  • Study in the westernmost Russian city have great advantages because of the Kaliningrad region’s perfect location. Students from Europe buy their tickets to Kaliningrad much cheaper than to any other Russian city. Kaliningrad has rail, automobile and air connection with European states. Kaliningrad – Koenigsberg has always been and remains a bridge between Europe and Russia!
  • The Kaliningrad Region is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the magnificent coastline, stretching for several tens of kilometers, and mild climate, our region is considered as a perfect place for recreation. Moreover, every resort town on the Baltic Sea is an open-air museum. Beach vacation here can be combined with sightseeing tours.