List of master's degree programmes, form of entrance examinations for the first year admission to the university in 2024

Master's degree programme specialisation Specialisation code Entrance examinations Form of entrance examinations*
Construction 08.04.01 are conducted in the form of an interdisciplinary examination according to the programme developed by the university based on the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education for Bachelor's degree programmes written
Informatics and Computer Engineering 09.04.01
Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering 13.04.01
Electroenergetics and Electrical Engineering 13.04.02
Mechanical Engineering 15.04.01
Biotechnology 19.04.01
Animal-Based Food Products 19.04.03
Technosphere Safety 20.04.01
Environmental engineering and water management 20.04.02
Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering, System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure Facilities 26.04.02
Agronomy 35.04.04
Agricultural Engineering 35.04.06
Water bioresources and aquaculture 35.04.07
Commercial fishery 35.04.08
Economics 38.04.01
Management 38.04.02
Finance and Credit 38.04.08