Scientific specialities in postgraduate programmes for training scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff in 2024/2025 academic year

List of scientific specialities Code
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 1.1.4
Optics 1.3.6
Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heat Engineering 1.3.14
Human and Animal Physiology 1.5.5
Botany 1.5.9
Ichthyology 1.5.13
Ecology 1.5.15
Hydrobiology 1.5.16
Biological Resources 1.5.20
Engineering Structures, Buildings and Constructions 2.1.1
System Analysis, Management and Information Processing, Statistics 2.3.1
Automation and Control of Technological Processes and Productions 2.3.3
Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems 2.4.2
Mechanical Engineering 2.5.2
Mechanical Engineering Technology 2.5.6
Ship Theory and Structural Mechanics 2.5.17
Ship Design and Construction 2.5.18
Technology of Shipbuilding, Ship Repair and Organisation of Shipbuilding Production 2.5.19
Ship Power Plants and their Components (main and auxiliary) 2.5.20
Water Transport Operation, Waterways and Hydrography 2.9.7
Environmental security 2.10.2
Occupational Safety 2.10.3
Agrochemistry, Agrosoil Science, Plant Protection and Quarantine 4.1.3
Reclamation, Water Management and Agrophysics 4.1.5
Fisheries, aquaculture and commercial fisheries, profile ‘Fishery’ 4.2.6
Fisheries, aquaculture and commercial fisheries, profile ‘Commercial Fishery’ 4.2.6
Food Systems, profile ‘Food Technology’ 4.3.3
Food Systems, profile ‘Processes and Equipment of Food Productions’ 4.3.3
Biotechnology of Food Products and Biologically Active Substances 4.3.5
Regional and Industry-Based Economics 5.2.3
Finance 5.2.4