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The library is one of the main structural units of the University necessary for a successful training process. The presents of Russian universities, prvate libraries, and special books of the oldest Moscow universities' collections primarily formed library stocks.
Today the library is the second largest library in the Kaliningrad Region. It has a large collection of literature on ichthyology, naval engineering, fisheries, electronics and economics. There is also a large literature collection including works of fiction, philosophy, art criticism and linguistics.
The premises of the library are of 1500 square meters, there are 3 reading rooms for 300 readers. Media hall was opened in 2000.
Highly qualified personnel teach students to use the library and its catalogues referencing over 530,000 documents and sources, some of which date back to the middle of the 19th century. With large reading halls and qualified librarians on hand to help, the Library offers excellent study facilities