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On June 6, Russia celebrated A.S.Pushkin's birthday. On this day, Kaliningrad poetry lovers traditionally gathered around the monument on Leonov's street, where they talked about literature, read poems by Pushkin and other Russian poets. This year, another not quite ordinary poetry lover joined them - a foreign student of KSTU Nelitu Sa, who came from Guinea-Bissau. Nelitu is only studying Russian for the second year, but has already managed to understand and feel the beauty of our language, our poetry, the talent of outstanding Russian poets.
Last Thursday, on May 20, the first KVN (wits and humour competition) Cup took place on the training sailing ship "Sedov". The following teams took part in the competition: "BFFSA team", "Team of auto mechanics" (KMFC), "Without women" (KSTU), "Chalk is also calcium" (KSTU), "The most friendly team of KSTU", "Sedov and Kruzenshtern team "(KMFC). The cup competition on board the "Sedov" is the final part of the preliminaries, which took place throughout April: on April 13 the first cup of the season took place - KMFC Cup, on April 20 - BFFSA Cup, on April 29 - KSTU Cu
On April 29, KSTU Cup of League of Wits& Humour Competition (KVN) League "Plotva" took place in the assembly hall. Previously, tournaments for the KMFC and BFFSA Cups were played, so that game was the final in the cycle of meetings of the KVN club. On May 20, the best teams of the university complex will have a chance to participate in the unique game on board the Sedov barque, which celebrates its centenary this year.
As part of the final board of the Federal Agency for Fishery, the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) and Kaliningrad State Technical University have signed a cooperation agreement. The document has been signed by the director of VNIRO K.V. Kolonchin and the rector of KSTU V.A. Volkogon. The first step in cooperation was the mutual review of scientific and educational publications by scientists of VNIRO and KSTU, organization of access to scientific publications and the electronic library fund of VNIRO and KSTU for students, postgraduates, researchers, as well as preparation of scientific articles by the university staff for their subsequent publication in the journals "Proceedings of VNIRO " and "Fishing".
On April 12-16, a basketball championship was held at KSTU as part of the university sport days. Despite the long break in training due to the transition to distance learning, the teams were able to show decent results. The results were as follows: Among boys: 1st place: Faculty of Shipbuilding and Power Engineering; 2nd place: Faculty of Mechanics and Technology; 3rd place: Faculty of Commercial Fishery.
Today, on the basis of the Department of Food Products Technology, the Baltic High School of Gastronomy (BHSG) has officially started. This is the second project implemented in Russia. BHSG is a specialized department for which a special modular educational program "Product technology and organization of public catering " has been created. Developed together with caterers, this program focuses on the dual education system. Within this program, the modules of university training alternate with modules of practical training in the restaurants of Kaliningrad in teams of the best chefs.
On April 12, within the framework of the interuniversity scientific and technical conference of students and cadets, meetings of two sections were held: "Information technologies" and "Radiation and chemical protection". Representatives of 19 higher educational institutions from Russia and Belarus will speak in various sections for two weeks.
On March 16, 2021, proceedings of the international conference "Germany and Russia: Ecosystems without Borders" was published in the international journal IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, which took place on October 5-8, 2020 in KSTU in a mixed offline / online format within the framework of the VIII International Baltic Maritime Forum and was dedicated to the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/2021. The collection of articles in the journal, indexed in the international scientometric database Scopus, was a worthy outcome of the conference.
The concept of "Space Bridges" was an early form of telecommunication between two geographic points that was implemented between the United States and the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. It was a lot like video conferencing, except the fact that today we use the Internet. The Baltic University program introduced this technology during the period 1990-1995, when a series of online lectures and seminars were held in various locations in the region. These "Space Bridges" were one of the main activities in the early history of BUP and served as the basis for its logo – satellite.
Alexander Menshenin, a representative of the Department of Ichthyology and Ecology of KSTU, will henceforth hold the position of an electronic adviser, whose tasks will include digitizing lectures and helping to create interactive online courses within the framework of a joint project of KSTU and universities of the Baltic region - "Global climate change in the Baltic Sea region".
On March 2, the second educational intensivе course “Generation Z” began in the hall of the academic council of KSTU. At its opening, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the University V.I. Ustich congratulated the audience on the start of the project and reminded the participants that participation in the intensive course is taken into account when submitting documents for the enhanced stipend of KSTU. Vice-rector for scientific work N.A. Kostrikova congratulated the participants and emphasized the importance of each submitted project for the university.
In the children's library named after Yu.N.Ivanov located on Cosmonaut Leonov Street, celebration of Maslenitsa (Pancake week) took place which was attended by foreign students of the preparatory faculty from Morocco, Angola, Algeria, Syria, China and Eritrea, as well as teachers of the Russian language Department. Students have been studying Russian for only 6 months, but they have perfectly joined the atmosphere of the holiday. They took an active part in tug of war, round dances, songs, playing Russian folk instruments and, of course, in eating pancakes.
On Saturday, February 22, the long-awaited event took place in the assembly hall of KSTU - the solemn presentation of diplomas to graduates of the Institute of Industrial Economics and Management. It was the first graduation of masters who took part in the educational programmes of two universities and received diplomas from Kaliningrad State Technical University and Sopot High School. Graduation was an important milestone for our graduates. Each of them, without any doubt, will recall how the rector of Kaliningrad State Technical University, Vladimir Volkogon entered the stage with a welcoming speech.
A graduate of the Faculty of Commercial Fisheries and now a PhD candidate at the Department of Ichthyology and Ecology Simao Lamba began a new year with a summary of his research work. In his homeland, he works at the Angolan Ministry of Fisheries as an engineer for scientific research of fishing gear. For five months, he has been travelling with reports around almost the entire African continent. Most of the work has been carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Fisheries of Angola as part of the International Cooperation Programme of the countries of the South-East Atlantic (Angola, Nigeria and South Africa).
The Continental Championship in one of the three powerlifting exercises was held in Finland and was attended by 273 representatives of 18 European countries. As part of the Russian team, which won the first team place at the end of the tournament, Oleg Smirnov (a member of the KSTU sports club) achieved maximum results. Not only he excelled in the personal category, but also became the absolute champion, setting a new European record.
On November 22, KSTU held a traditional evening dedicated to the International Students' Day. Students from different countries, studying at our university, and teachers of the Russian Language Department prepared a concert consisting of original performances demonstrating the national culture of our students. The programme of the evening this year was prepared by E.V. Leskova and a student of group 16-ST, a forward of KSTU football team "Baltic Sails" Yakuba Fane (Mali). They also became the presenters.
On November 15, the VI annual specialized exhibition "PRO Education" started at the Amber Sports Palace. The university complex of KSTU has occupied the largest exhibition stand in its central part. This year all educational institutions were represented including KSTU, BFFSA and KMFC. “PRO Education” is the largest exhibition in the region. More than thirty educational institutions take part in it. It is dedicated to vocational education.
The Assembly worked for three days, from October 30 to November 1 in Tokyo, Japan, and brought together 139 delegates. Among them- rectors of leading world universities, heads of international maritime organizations, researchers from Russia, Japan, Great Britain, the USA, Mexico, Peru, Australia, Canada, Romania, Vietnam, China, India, the Philippines, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria.
Business Universiade Simformer Management Cup 2019 is a federal online championship on management and entrepreneurship for students and teachers of Russian universities, business schools and colleges. The qualifying stage was held from October 10 to 22. More than 700 applications from nearly 200 educational institutions throughout Russia have been submitted for the championship.