Freshman's guide


Congratulations, you have become a part of a big and friendly family - KSTU!

Our motto is we are united in our quest to be the best!

We wish you success on the path you have chosen!

Dear freshmen!

Today each of you is on a new stage of your life: school life is behind you and the exciting student years are ahead. Many people consider them to be the best years of their lives. I hope you can say the same about your studies at Kaliningrad State Technical University, the oldest industry-based institution of higher education in the Russian Federation. Its history has many glorious pages. You, following your predecessors, will have to replenish them.

Today one can often hear about the great demand and even shortage of qualified engineers. Our university has been supplying the labour market with competent specialists for several generations. But it is important to know that it is not so easy to get a diploma of higher education in the walls of technical universities. To do this, a student must apply all their efforts and skills. The university is ready to provide you with all the necessary assistance on this path.

You will be guided to knowledge by wise teachers and experienced university staff. In particular, the guidebook, that you are holding in your hands now, will help you take the first independent steps in the new student world. Welcome to our big friendly family of KSTU`s university complex, which includes not only the university itself, but also the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy, Kaliningrad Maritime Fishery College and St. Petersburg Maritime Fishery College.
Bon voyage!

Rector of KSTU
V. A. Volkogon


The University complex in numbers

7 institutes
12 academic
13 sports
6 student
6 dormitories
more than 20
and clubs
more than
about 600

University Charter and Corporate Code of Ethics

The University has a Charter and Code of Ethics for non-compliance with which you can be reprimanded and expelled.

University administration

Vladimir Alekseevich Volkogon
+7 4012 99 59 01

First Vice-Rector
Oksana Gennadievna Ogij
+7 4012 99 59 06

Vice-Rector for Research
Natalia Anatolievna Kostrikova
+7 4012 99 59 11

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Vladimir Ivanovich Ustich
+7 4012 99 59 03

Vice-Rector for Industry-based Scientific and Methodological Activities
Alexander Alexeevich Nedostup
+7 4012 99 59 12

Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Youth Policy
Galina Ivanovna Rozinkevich
+7 4012 99 59 86

Head of the BFFSA
Alexander Vladimirovich Gruntov
+7 4012 92 51 03

Head of KMFC
Sergei Mikhailovich Karpovich
+7 4012 64 29 15

Director of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Food Systems
Vasiliy Vladimirovich Verkhoturov
+7 4012 99 53 50

Director of the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Oleg Anatolievich Novozhilov
+7 4012 99 53 69

Director of the Institute of Marine Technologies, Power Engineering and Construction
Igor Stanislavovich Alexandrov
+7 4012 56 48 04,
+7 4012 56 48 15

Director of the Institute of Industry-Based Economics and Management
Albert Gurgenovich Mnatsakanian
+7 4012 69 01 01

Director of the Institute of Digital Technologies
Alexander Borisovich Tristanov
+7 4012 99 59 66, +7 4012 99 53 78

Director of the Maritime Institute of the BFFSA
Sergei Vladimirovich Ermakov
+7 4012 92 50 15

Director of the Institute of Engineering Pedagogy and Humanitarian Training of the BFFSA
Nina Yurievna Bugakova
+7 4012 92 50 18

Student Offices

If you have any questions regarding the academic process, schedules, your student's record book, etc., contact the Student Office for assistance.

Abbreviation of specialties

ИРА - Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture

ВА - Aquatic Bioresources and Aquaculture
ПР - Commercial Fishery
ТБ - Technosphere Safety
ЭП - Ecology and Natural Resource Management

ИАПС - Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Food Systems

АГ - Agronomy
ВС - Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise
ТО - Technological Machines and Equipment
ОП - Production Technology and Public Catering Arrangement
ПБ - Biotechnology
ПП - Food Products of Animal Origin
МС - Mechanical Engineering

ИМТЭС - Institute of Marine Technologies, Power Engineering and Construction

СТ - Construction (industrial and civil construction, heat and gas supply and ventilation, water supply and sanitation)
ТЭ - Heat Power Engineering and Thermal Engineering
ЭЭ - Electroenergetics and Electrical Engineering
КС - Shipbuilding, Ocean Engineering, System Engineering of Marine Infrastructure Facilities

ИЦТ - Institute of Digital Technologies

ВТ - Information Technology and Computer Science
ИЭ - Applied Information Technology
АП - Automation of Technological Processes and Productions
ИБ - Information Security of Automated Systems

ИНОТЭКУ - Institute of Industry-Based Economics and Management

ЭК - Economics
МН - Management
УП - HR management
ЭБ - Economic Security


Bells Subject Lecture room
1 9:00 — 9:40
9:45 — 10:25
Physics 306 М
2 10:35 — 11:15
11:20 — 12:00
Botany (Lecture) 109 К
3 12:10 — 12:50
12:55 — 13:35
Computer science (Laboratory) 143
4 14:15 — 14:55
15:00 — 15:40
Physical education СК
5 15:50 — 16:30
16:35 — 17:15
6 17:25 — 18:05
18:10 — 18:50
Mathematics and mathematical statistics 220 Б
7 19:00 — 19:40
19:45 — 20:25
8 20:30 — 21:10
21:15 — 22:55

Where is the lecture room?

At our university, lecture rooms are located in a large number of buildings.
In the schedule, next to the number of each lecture room there is a letter corresponding to the building:

"Б" - Academic building No.1, 43 Prof. Baranov St.

"M" - Academic building No. 2, 32 Maly pereulok (St.)

"K" - Academic building No. 3, 4 Kalyazinskaya St.

"СK" - Sports complex, Academic building No. 2, 32 Maly pereulok (St.)

"A" - Educational building No.1 BFFSA, 6 Molodezhnaya St.

"A2" - Educational building No. 2 BFFSA, 30 Ozernaya St.

"A3" - Educational building No. 3 BFFSA, 32 Ozernaya St.

No letter? — So, that means the lecture room is located in the Main Academic Building at 1 Sovetsky Prospekt.

Be careful!
The schedule is divided into even and odd weeks.

Location of academic buildings

Main academic building 1 Sovetsky prospekt

Tochka Kipenia
(Boiling Point)
Academic building No.1 43 Prof. Baranov St.

Assembly hall
Academic building No.2 32 Maly pereulok (St.)

Academic building No.3 4 Kalyazinskaya St.
Еducational building No.1 BFFSA
6 Molodezhnaya St.
Еducational building No.2 BFFSA
30 Ozernaya St.
Еducational building No.3 BFFSA
32 Ozernaya St.
Еducational building No.4 BFFSA
25 Gorky St.
Еducational building No.5 BFFSA
22 Ostrovsky St.

Scientific and Technical Library (STL)

In order to use all the departments of the library, you need to issue an e-reader's card at the Readers' Accounts Department (Room 104 of the Main academic building). Don't forget your identity document.

There are about 245,000 copies of educational and methodological literature at our university.
The STL's collection contains about 500,000 copies of various types of documents, including electronic educational publications.
Academic literature for the term can be borrowed in Room 106 of the Main academic building.
All STL's opportunities will be available via a bank card opened at KSTU.
Work schedule:
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Student Campus

If you come from a remote part of the Kaliningrad region, another region of Russia, or you are a foreign student, do not worry, you will be provided with a place to stay in one of the dormitories of the KSTU's campus.

Addresses of the dormitories

Dormitory No. 3
19 Gorky St.
Tel. +7 4012 96 52 20

Dormitory No. 5
19a Gorky St.
Tel. +7 4012 21 97 37

Dormitory No. 7
21a Gorky St.
Tel. +7 4012 96 57 95

Residential complex 1
21 Gorky St.
Tel. +7 4012 96 51 35

Residential complex 2
47 Ozerova St.
Tel. +7 4012 96 51 35

KMFC dormitory
4 Pereulok Morekhodny (St.)
Tel. +7 4012 57 82 65

Campus administration:

Dormitory No. 3
19 Gorky St.
Tel. +7 4012 96 52 20

  1. Get a referral to one of the dormitories from the campus administration.
  2. Sign a residential lease agreement.
  3. Apply for temporary residential registration.
  4. Don't forget to pay the monthly rent for your accommodation.
  5. And remember, on campus, there are internal rules of the student dormitory, in case of their violation, you can be officially reprimanded and evicted from the dormitory.

Scholarships and financial assistance

Your grades are 4 and 5
You get an academic scholarship
Your grades are 4 and 5, there are no academic backlogs and you participate in various university activities
You get an increased academic scholarship
You belong to a vulnerable social group
You get a social scholarship
You belong to a vulnerable social group and your grades are 4 and 5 during the 1st and 2nd years of studying
You get an increased social scholarship
If there are life difficulties, you have the opportunity to receive need-based financial aid from the university once a year. It is provided for the government-subsidized students of intramural form of study who are in need in cases mentioned here:

Bank card and security pass

See on KSTU's website, in the group VKontakte of the Department of Educational Work and Youth Policy the schedule of giving out the bank cards in the academic buildings.
The received card will work as:
◆ A security pass to the University buildings;
◆ Access to the library;
◆ Access to electronic services of the university.
Where can you get a security pass?
It is necessary to come with the received bank card to Room 101 of the Main academic building.

Psychosocial service

At KSTU there are specialists of the psychological and social service, that provide psychological help, conduct diagnostics, as well as individual and group consultations to identify difficulties of the educational process, stressful situations, emotional experiences for students and their parents.
Consultations are conducted by making an appointment; everything is anonymous and on a confidential basis (free of charge).
Call us to make an appointment:
+7 4012 93 44 18
19 Gorky St., Room 118
(dormitory No. 3, 1st floor)
In life there are situations that are difficult to handle on your own.

Centre for Research and Preservation of the Historical Heritage of Higher Fisheries Education

The Centre is located in the main academic building on the 5th floor, Room 500. By visiting the Centre, you will be able to get acquainted with the permanent exhibition of the history of our university.
In the exposition`s materials you can find information about the origin of the higher fishery school in Russia in the walls of the Department of Fishery Science of Moscow State Agricultural Institute. Our university is their direct heir.
Also, here you will be shown exhibits and told about Mosrybvtuz (Moscow Technical Institute for the Fishery Industry), its move to Kaliningrad in 1958, successes and achievements of Kaliningrad Technical Institute of Fishery Industry and Economy in Soviet times, the history of our university nowadays.

Associations and clubs

English Speaking Club

Conversational meetings on different topics.

Guitar Song Lovers Club "Sreda obitania" (Life environment)

Acquaintance with the works of famous performers, meetings with Kaliningrad bards, learning songs, preparation for performances, travelling, communication and much more.

Russian Union of Rural Youth

We provide every member of our organisation with the assistance in getting grants, project development, aid in sending to All-Russian forums, fun events!

Board Games Club "DICE"

Our club provides the opportunity to have a great time in good company.

Cultural and Leisure Centre

The Cultural and Leisure Centre is a place of extracurricular life's concentration, where any student can create and implement his/her creative projects.
The Centre provides creative and organisational support for existing and emerging groups of various directions, organises and conducts festivals, competitions, exhibitions, theatrical shows, concerts and other events, that are interesting for the whole university and beyond!
At the moment in the Cultural and Leisure Centre you can find:
☆ Vocal studio "Cool music club";
☆ School of presenters;
☆ Classical Dance Studio "Stepanida";
☆ Studio of modern choreography.

SSC "Yantarny Rytsar" (Amber Knight)

The Student Sports Club of KSTU University Complex “Yantarny rytsar” (Amber Knight) is a student association designed to promote student sports within the walls of our university!

The SSC “Yantarny rytsar” takes part and implements various projects to promote and popularize a healthy and active lifestyle among students!

Since 2014 “Yantarny rytsar” has been a member of the Association of Student Sports Clubs, recognised as the best sports club in the country in the nomination of “The best sports leisure organization”!

Sports clubs:

☆ Armwrestling
☆ Badminton
☆ Basketball
☆ Boxing
☆ Volleyball
☆ Rowing
☆ Athletics
☆ Table tennis
☆ Powerlifting
☆ Swimming
☆ Fitness aerobics
☆ Football
☆ Cheer sport

Student SWOT Magazine

If you like talking to strangers, describing the events that happened in a more interesting way than it is usually done during lectures, have a knack for writing, photography and want to get involved in different activities.

Join our team!

Intellectual Games Club of KSTU

The Club of Intellectual Games of the university was created to promote intellectual direction of students' activity, the association is based on common intellectual interests, students' involvement in self-education, self-development and expansion of leisure activity forms for young people.

KVN league "PLOTVA"


Since 2015 the league "PLoTVa" is a system part of the Kaliningrad region KVN leagues supervised by the League of the International Union of KVN "West of Russia". In 2021 the teams of the league became champions of all adult leagues in the Kaliningrad region: "Women's team of KSTU" (city league "Zolotoi Osminog" (Golden Octopus), "BFFSA Team" (league of the International Union of KVN "West of Russia").

The only league of the Kaliningrad region, which participates in grant competitions on various levels.

Why do you need KVN?
◆ the basics of working on stage;
◆ rules of working with microphone;
◆ the basics of improvisation, author's and acting skills;
◆ communication;
◆ project activity and much more!
Number of teams in June 2022:
KSTU - 9
KMFC - 4
And, in general, we are cool! Come and check it out

Volunteer Corps

Let's make this world kinder!
You can become a participant and organizer of the most interesting events of your home university, city, regional and All-Russian events.
Range of activities:
◆ Victory volunteers;
◆ Medical volunteers;
◆ Event volunteering;
◆ Environmental volunteering;
◆ Social volunteering.

Headquarters of student squads

The Russian Student Squads (РСО) is the largest youth public organisation, which aims at temporary employment of students for the summer period.

Student squads are:
◆ An opportunity to start working and undergo practical training in your speciality;
◆ Participate in All-Russian projects;
◆ Become part of a close-knit team and make friends;
◆ Earn money;
◆ Gain management experience.

National history lovers club CLIO

National history lovers club (CLIO) has existed at Kaliningrad State Technical University since September 2011. It is a scientific discussion platform that unites students, cadets and teachers open to communication on topical issues and interested in the history of Russia.

Meetings are held once a month.

Centre for Aesthetic Development and Cultural and Creative Initiatives of Students

Centre for Aesthetic Development and Cultural and Creative Initiatives of Students is for meeting with cultural figures, representatives of creative unions, defense and law enforcement agencies and state bodies of the regional government.

Student self-government

You are an activist and you don't know how to express yourself and implement your ideas?!
HURRAH - Welcome to the club!
Here you can find the university's extracurricular activities!
The Student Council of KSTU is a united council, which includes the heads of student self-governing bodies.
The Cadet-Student Council of the BFFSA is an elective body of the cadet-student self-government.
The Council of Student Monitors is a body of student self-governance, uniting the heads of study groups of the institutes.
The Council of the Student Dormitories represents the interests of students living in them.
The Trade Union is an association that represents the interests of students in various organisations and protects their rights.
The Student Council of KSTU
The Cadet-Student Council of the BFFSA

Annual events

  1. Student initiation ceremony
  2. The Solidarity Day against Terrorism
  3. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  4. Excursions to the Centre for Research and Preservation of the Historical Heritage of Higher Fisheries Education
  1. Donor Day
  2. Autumn Week of Kindness
  3. I.K.R.A. School of activists
  4. School of KVN League PLOTVA, Opening of the League's season
  5. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  1. Qualifying stages of the creative competition Miss and Mr. University
  2. Open championship of KSTU in cheerleading
  3. Dialogue with the Rector of the University
  4. International Students' Day
  5. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  6. Military-patriotic sports competition Voin Otechestva (Warrior of the Motherland)
  1. New Year songfest of KSTU student squads
  2. ¼ season of the KVN league "PLOTVA"
  3. New Year aerobics tournament
  4. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  5. New Year's Ball
Students' Day, honoring the best students of the year
  1. KSTU student squad week
  2. Intellectual Tournament "What? Where? When?"
  1. School of KSTU student squads
  2. Final of the creative contest Miss and Mr. University
  3. ½ season of the KVN League PLOTVA
  4. Competitions Zheleznaia ledi and Zheleznyi rytsar (Iron Lady and Iron Knight)
  5. Open championship of KSTU in armwrestling
  6. Dialogue with the Rector of the University
  7. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  1. Spring Week of Kindness
  2. Festival of students' creativity Student Spring at KSTU
  3. The Season finale of the KVN league PLOTVA
  4. Annual environmental action March of Parks
  5. St George's Ribbon campaign
  6. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"
  1. Solemn event dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War
  2. Cycling race
  3. Sports Day at KSTU
  4. Celebration of national cultures
  5. Intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?"

Useful numbers

  • The single number of the children's helpline:
    8 800 2000 122
  • The Single Helpline of the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Kaliningrad region:
    +7 4012 79 99 99
  • Kaliningrad Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, helpline:
    +7 4012 30 20 71
  • KSTU helpline: +7 4012 99 53 33
  • University Rector's Reception Desk: +7 4012 99 59 01
  • Student Department:
    +7 4012 99 59 24
  • Department of Educational Work and Youth Policy:
    +7 4012 99 53 76, + 7 905 246 23 19, +7 4012 99 53 33
  • KSTU Psychological and Social Service: +7 4012 93 44 18
  • Student campus: +7 4012 96 62 42
  • Health centre: +7 4012 99 53 38
  • Department of organisation of students' research works:
    +7 4012 99 59 50
  • Department for Work with International Students and Protocol:
    +7 4012 99 53 30
  • Student Trade union:
    +7 4012 99 59 35
  • Scientific and Technical Library:
    +7 4012 99 53 41
  • KSTU's Press Service:
    +7 4012 99 59 79